Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Reconstruction Day 19

Today MCC continued work inside the house.  They installed more interior panels and wall insulation in the main room.  They also began adding the interior panels that will form the dividing wall between the two smaller rooms (previously the two bedroom, now office spaces).  MCC will continue working on the house's interior throughout the week.

The newly-installed interior panels in the main room

Two interior wall panels, and one with the insulation showing

Interior panels in the garage awaiting installation

The fireplace and wall insulation

Installing wall panels


  1. Woah, the house keeps looking better after every installation! Using panels as dividers is a good way to save space and, of course, an ideal style for a living area and office. By the way, you stopped updating at Day 24l; what happened afterwards? Looking forward to seeing more updates!

    Rodney Orton

  2. A steel house, as what I have been told, is more cost-effective and stronger since it offers architectural and design flexibility. Not only is it fire-resistant, but it’s also earthquake tested. I’m curious on what it looks now. I hope you can upload the most recent photos of this house!

    Salvatore Aguilar